Embrace Tranquility with this Lot in Caldera

  • $50,000
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Embrace Tranquility with this Lot in Caldera
  • $50,000


  • Dirección Boquete
  • Ciudad Boquete
  • Provincia Chiriquí
  • Área Boquete

Descripción general

  • 1005609
  • ID de propiedad
  • lot
  • Tipo de propiedad
  • 4000.00


Enjoy tranquility on this 4,000 square meter lot in Caldera, bordered by a perennial stream. This large property for sale offers a unique combination of tranquility and natural beauty, setting the stage for your dream home. Imagine the melody of a stream year-round, a relaxing background symphony adorning the property. During the summer months, its gentle flow provides a relaxing atmosphere, adding to the serene atmosphere of this oasis. Amid lush greenery, the property features unobstructed views of majestic mountains and a waterfall, creating a picturesque panorama that captivates the senses. Water and electricity connections are available for installation. Caldera, famous for its welcoming climate, has a wide variety of attractions, including its famous hot springs. These therapeutic wonders are a testament to the charm of Caldera, which attracts visitors from all over the world. As a resident, you can enjoy these natural delights to your heart's content, embracing the region's restorative properties.

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