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Costa del Este is a beautiful and vibrant destination located on the east coast of Panama, it has become the headquarters of important multinationals that operate from here in this region of Latin America. It has been developed with first-world urban planning: subway cables, wide sidewalks, division into residential areas of gated communities with access controls, residential area of apartments, commercial office area, industrial area and green areas. Home to important schools of recognized trajectory, here you will find multiple restaurants, banks, supermarkets and much more.

Options of apartments for sale in Costa del Este
Options of homes for sale in Costa del Este
Office options for sale in Costa del Este
Options of land for sale in Costa del Este

Costa del Este offers a wide variety of high quality and exclusive homes. These properties feature modern architectural designs, spacious layouts and a privileged location near the ocean.

Explore the exclusive luxury apartments available in Costa del Este Panama. Enjoy panoramic views, first class details and a privileged location.

Here are the five best Apartments in Costa del Este:

  • PH Titanium
  • PH Ocean One
  • PH Parkside
  • PH Blue Bay
  • PH Pacific Point

Costa del Este offers a variety of office space for rent for those looking to establish their business in this thriving area. These offices offer modern spaces, quality infrastructure and a strategic location.

Costa del Este is a thriving place with a wide range of stores and restaurants to satisfy the needs of residents and visitors.

The lifestyle in Costa del Este is characterized by being modern, prosperous and comfortable. There are some outstanding characteristics of the lifestyle in this area of Panama:

  • Exclusivity and luxury : Costa del Este is known for being a high-end residential area, with luxury properties, both apartments and houses.
  • Privileged location: it is strategically located near the ocean and within walking distance of downtown Panama City.
  • Nearby amenities and services: offers a wide range of nearby amenities and services. From shopping centers with renowned stores to quality restaurants, supermarkets, health centers, educational institutions and entertainment options, residents have everything they need at their fingertips.

Costa del Este’s infrastructure stands out for being modern, well planned and designed to meet the needs of its residents and visitors.

Costa del Este offers a wide range of outdoor activities to enjoy its natural environment and pleasant climate. Some of the outdoor activities you can do in Costa del Este:

  • Cycling and skating:. You can explore the area by bicycle, skate along the pedestrian walkways or enjoy a bike ride at sunset while enjoying the pleasant weather.
  • Outdoor sports: Costa del Este has sports areas and courts that allow you to practice various outdoor sports, such as soccer, basketball, tennis and volleyball.
  • Hiking and bird watching: If you are a nature lover, you can explore the nature trails in the areas near Costa del Este, providing the opportunity to enjoy hiking, admire the local flora and fauna, and, in some cases, bird watching in natural habitats.

Learn about the security measures implemented in Costa del Este Panama. Discover how the community is protected and enjoy a safe, quiet and reliable environment.

  • Private surveillance: It is common to have private security and surveillance services in communities and residential complexes; security guards patrol the areas to detect and prevent suspicious activities.
  • Access control: Many communities have gates or entry barriers that can only be opened by authorized residents or registered visitors, which helps control who can enter the area.
  • Security cameras: Surveillance cameras are installed at strategic points to monitor the area and have a visual record of possible incidents.

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