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Avenida Balboa is a major road artery and an area of great real estate relevance in Panama City. Located along the coast of Panama Bay, this avenue has become a modern and vibrant enclave that combines impressive skyscrapers, public spaces and a panoramic view of the ocean. Balboa Avenue is known for hosting numerous high-end residential and commercial projects, including luxury condominiums, renowned hotels and commercial spaces. Its privileged location, together with its continuous development and the services it offers, make it one of the most coveted and emblematic areas for real estate investment in Panama. In addition to its urban appeal, Balboa Avenue offers a unique experience for residents and visitors alike by combining modern conveniences with a picturesque view of the ocean and bay.

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Balboa Avenue in Panama City offers a variety of amenities and features that contribute to its attractiveness as an area of great urban and real estate relevance. Some of these amenities include:

  • Panoramic views: The avenue is located along the shore of Panama Bay, providing breathtaking views of the ocean, ships and the city, especially from the skyscrapers that line it.
  • Cinta Costera: Balboa Avenue has a wide promenade that is popular with residents and visitors alike for walking, jogging and enjoying the sea breeze while admiring the view.
  • Parks and Green Spaces: Along the avenue, there are well-maintained green spaces and parks that offer areas to relax, exercise and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Restaurants and Cafeterias: The area offers a wide variety of restaurants and cafes serving various types of cuisine, from local to international, making it an ideal place to enjoy gastronomy.
  • Luxury Hotels: The area is home to internationally renowned hotels that offer luxury services and amenities for visitors and guests.

Apartments located on Balboa Avenue tend to be highly coveted due to their privileged location in Panama City. Balboa Avenue is one of the city’s most emblematic and modern arteries, with breathtaking ocean views and access to a wide range of services and amenities.

The offices on Balboa Avenue represent a high demand business space in Panama City. Located in one of the most iconic and modern areas of the city, Balboa Avenue offers a vibrant and convenient corporate environment with panoramic ocean views and a wide range of amenities at your disposal.

Balboa Avenue in Panama City is known for hosting a wide variety of stores and restaurants offering diversified culinary and shopping experiences. Here is a brief description of what you can find in this area:


  • Multicentro: An iconic shopping mall that houses fashion stores, jewelry stores, electronics and a variety of restaurants and cafes.
  • Balboa Boutiques: Offers a selection of luxury boutiques and exclusive stores.
  • Balboa Strip Mall: A smaller space with specialty stores, including fashion, art and accessories.


  • Seafood Market: A popular destination to enjoy fresh seafood and local fish dishes.
  • Hikaru Japanese Cuisine: A restaurant offering authentic Japanese food, including sushi and teppanyaki.
  • Segundo Muelle: Specializing in Peruvian cuisine and fresh seafood.
  • Tántalo Kitchen: A restaurant with a mix of international and local cuisine in a modern and artistic atmosphere.
  • Azafrán: Offers Mediterranean cuisine and international dishes in an elegant setting.

The Balboa Avenue lifestyle is known for being modern, cosmopolitan and dynamic. This iconic avenue in Panama City offers a series of characteristics that define the lifestyle of those who live, work or visit the area:

  1. Location and Views: Balboa Avenue is located along the waterfront, providing breathtaking views of the ocean and city skyline. This privileged location provides a scenic and relaxing environment.

  2. Outdoor Activities: The avenue has wide sidewalks and landscaped areas, making it a popular place for walking, jogging, biking and enjoying outdoor activities. The Paseo de las Bicicletas is a space specially designed for these activities.

  3. Culture and Art: Balboa Avenue is known for its artistic and cultural environment. You’ll find murals, art installations and art galleries that bring a creative feel to the area.

The infrastructure of Balboa Avenue is modern and designed to serve both residents and visitors in various capacities.

Balboa Avenue in Panama City is an ideal place to enjoy various outdoor activities due to its coastal location, wide sidewalks and well-designed spaces. Here are some activities you can enjoy on Balboa Avenue:

  • Walking and Jogging: The wide sidewalks and the Bike Path along the avenue are perfect for walks and jogging sessions. You can enjoy the panoramic ocean views while exercising.

  • Cycling: The Paseo de las Bicicletas provides a safe lane for cyclists, allowing you to cycle along the avenue and enjoy the outdoors as you go.

  • Picnics: The landscaped areas and benches along the avenue are ideal for organizing picnics with friends and family while enjoying the outdoor atmosphere.

  • Yoga and Stretching: Quiet areas and green spaces are perfect for practicing yoga or stretching outdoors while taking advantage of the sea breeze.

  • Photography: Panoramic views of the ocean, skyscrapers and urban life provide interesting photographic opportunities for amateurs and professional photographers.
  • Rollerblading and Skateboarding: The smooth and wide sidewalks are perfect for rollerblading and skateboarding enthusiasts.

  • Outdoor Events: Throughout the year, Balboa Avenue can also be the scene of sporting events, fairs and outdoor festivals.

Safety on Balboa Avenue in Panama City can generally be considered relatively good, but it is important to keep in mind some common precautions when visiting any urban area. Here are some safety considerations on Balboa Avenue:

  1. Guarded Zone: Balboa Avenue is one of the most modern and developed areas of the city, with the presence of security forces and surveillance cameras in many areas.

  2. Police and Security: The presence of the National Police and private security is visible in different parts of the avenue and in the surrounding areas, which contributes to maintaining a safe environment.

  3. Visiting Hours: Most of the activities and business on Balboa Avenue occur during the day and evening. As in any place, it is advisable to be cautious when walking in less traveled areas at night.

  4. Attention to your belongings: As in any crowded place, it is advisable to be attentive to your personal belongings, such as purses, wallets and electronic devices, especially in crowded areas.

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