• $28,500


  • Dirección Bugaba
  • Ciudad Bugaba
  • Provincia Chiriquí
  • Área Bugaba

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  • 1005362
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  • lot
  • Tipo de propiedad
  • 1405.00


Located in La Concepción, Bugaba, right along the newly renovated Concepción-Volcán road, Villa Victoria is a welcoming residential community accessed through a metal archway bearing its name. As you enter this area, you'll find a shared access road among the properties. Just 300 meters away from the main street, a convenient 35-minute drive from Casa Solution's downtown Volcán office, and only about 20 minutes to PriceSmart in David, there's this plot of land available for sale. This 1/3 acre lot offers a pristine landscape with vibrant green grass and a well-maintained hedge. Additionally, it boasts a picturesque stream that flows year-round, enhancing the natural beauty of the surroundings on the border or the property. The land itself is relatively flat, gently sloping towards the stream. With exceptionally fertile soil, it presents an ideal setting for constructing a home and for gardening or growing fruits & vegetables. The trees lining the stream create a serene forest-like ambiance, accompanied by the delightful melodies of chirping birds. This lot in Villa Victoria provides an inviting and picturesque environment to fulfill your aspirations.

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