• $400,000
  • $1,500


  • Dirección Montijo
  • Ciudad Montijo
  • Provincia Veraguas
  • Área Montijo

Descripción general

  • 1004851
  • ID de propiedad
  • farm
  • Tipo de propiedad
  • 0.00
  • 2000
  • Año de construcción


The location of this 18,611 m2 (1.9 ha) land in Gobernadora Island offers a unique opportunity for outdoor activities and the development of an exclusive lodge. The island's small size and pristine waters make it a perfect destination for hiking, diving, camping, fishing, and boat rides. Additionally, workshops for crafts and ceramics can be organized, and those seeking relaxation can simply enjoy the hammocks while being surrounded by the beautiful sounds of nature. Currently, the land only holds a right of possession, but once a contract is signed, the owner can start the process of obtaining a land title. The land is divided by a creek and features two white beaches, as well as rolling hills that provide an ideal landscape for the construction of a luxurious lodge that retains the beauty and integrity of the surrounding forest and nature, and humpback whales and dolphins can be seen during the mating season.

Maintenance: 0

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