Panama’s connectivity, geographic and strategic advantage for the world



Panama, a nation specially located with an isthmus that divides its two seas, connecting North and South of the continent to which it belongs thanks to the Interoceanic Canal, is a country in constant development, thanks to its important exchanges in investment, imports and state policy.

state policy and state policy.

Did you know that…?

Panama has the only seaport in the world, with two oceans on its sides, Atlantic and Pacific Ocean; 80 kilometers separating both seas through the Isthmus.

This maritime connectivity commanded by the Canal since its construction in 1914, has allowed the development of ports for the transshipment of the largest containers in the region, along with the Colon Free Zone, leading the country as the main hub for the transshipment of containers.
trade in Latin America

Channel at present

In recent days and under public hearing, the Panama Canal concluded the formal consultation period, which seeks to approve a simplified toll structure that reduces the number of rates. The process began on April 1, 2022, when the proposed modification of the
The Panama Canal tolls and vessel admeasurement rules for the use of the Panama Canal were published.

“Innovative investments are already underway to capitalize on these changes and strengthen the Panama Canal’s role in connecting smarter and more sustainablesupply chains ,” said Panama Canal Vice President of Finance Victor Vial.

Panama Canal in data :

  • 180 Maritime Routes
  • 170 User countries
  • 13,342 Transits in 2021
  • 1920 Ports connected

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