15 Reasons to Invest in Panama



Our beautiful Panama, “Bridge of the World, Heart of the Universe” that from its most universal attraction which is the Canal to its beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, is the perfect route for any visitor and investor, in search of natural and logistical wonders, which our Central American country offers.

As described by the Spanish newspaper El Pais, The Panama Canal is one of the best shortcuts in the world, stretching 80 kilometers from Panama City, the country’s capital, on the Pacific coast, to Colon, on the Atlantic, across the continental divide. This marvel is worth seeing. As impressive as the cargo ships that pass through its locks are the legions of animals that watch from the edge of the jungle.

Panama has been a strategic point for connectivity for many years. It has very competitive legal instruments that allow to carry out all kinds of commercial activities, with Free Trade Agreements with countries such as Chile, Taiwan, Singapore, United States and Canada, among other attractions that we list below, without leaving in doubt how valuable it has been for many, to invest in it.

15 reasons that support investment in Panama.

What does this great country have to offer?

  • International Logistics Hub
  • Maritime Connectivity
  • Air Connectivity
  • U.S. dollar as a common currency
  • Exchange rate stability
  • National financial center with regional representation
  • Laws that promote and protect investments and their investors
  • Attractive tax incentives
  • Improved connectivity in the region
  • Port interconnection in two oceans
  • Tropical Climate
  • Wealth in Beaches
  • Warmth in its people
  • Multicultural population
  • Cosmopolitan wealth

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