Investing in Panama Real Estate



Investing in Real Estate in Panamá

#1 Logistic Hub in Latin America

Panama is highly recognized in the international maritime and port sector, since it has a solid logistics platform backed by the transit and connectivity of the Panama Canal. The maritime and port sector is a great contribution to the country’s economy and the current situation that we are experiencing worldwide has created new real estate investment opportunities in Panama.

In Panama there is a wide portfolio of logistics properties, strategically located near maritime, port and logistics operations, with connectivity to transportation, import and export benefits, special economic zones.
Recently, an article published in Forbes magazine affirms that Panama improves its position as a point of connectivity in Latin America with the rest of the world and states the following:
“The best example of a city with brand resilience in the Americas is Panama City. It is the regional headquarters for hundreds of multinationals and a genuine financial and commercial center with deep and diversified groups of buyers and tenants from around the world. In In addition, Panama’s economy is backed by the Panama Canal, which represents around 40% of Panama’s GDP. If you are in the market for an investment with a short-term horizon, start here.” according to Forbes magazine.
“Panama will be the richest country in Latin America in 2021, according to Moody’s rating agency.” is the owner of a publication
Among the advantages of investing in Panama, we can mention a strong economic structure backed by the dollar, which provides a lot of security and confidence to foreign investment, areas of special logistics activity, incentives for factories.
Investing in real estate in Panama is a smart way to generate income right now, always after an economic crisis, new opportunities arise for the real estate sector.
So if you are interested in investing in real estate in Panama, you should contact Grupo Tribaldos, a real estate company in Panama with more than 30 years of experience in commercial and logistic real estate.
Invest in real estate in Panama? At Grupo Tribaldos we advise you to make a solid and uncomplicated investment.

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